I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you all and reflect on 2017 and since the ride in the 2013. Early 2017 a close friend’s sister lost her life to brain tumours in which was a terrible ordeal for their family, and it hit me hard just as much as them having a sister with the same illness (my deepest respects are with you all). Along my journeys since the ride, I've met some incredible people with such passion and courage who have suffered from this terrific illness and heard some amazing stories along the way too. Today I can stand up and say I'm proud I've done something and raised awareness for brain tumour research. My little sister Jenni Ginevra is still fighting fit and is still with us today.

I am closing in on completing an autobiography of the events which took place to share with you all one day soon! Me and my bro Paul (partner for ride) both agreed that we didn't realise what we were in for on the way down to Barcelona, reality was what we drive we cycle back. But what did get us to the end? Honestly it was 20% physical, 80% mental and sheer dedication to getting the job done. After all what we did was the equivalent of cycling from Bournemouth to central London (100+ miles) or same as running 20-25 marathons for 12 days without a day off. (Yes it did hurt.... a lot). But also what kept me going for 10 hours in the saddle every day was mind over matter (pain), I just kept thinking all the way, this isn't as painful as what the people I'm doing this for have suffered! I may have inspired many because of this but its the fight and determination of those that inspired and supported me and bro to complete this 1248 mile cycle!

When things get tougher and tougher" you get stronger and stronger' therefore "you will be able to last for longer and longer".

Since the ride I've spent 105 days travelling around Wales and the UK doing mtb, hiking, driving and camping in the wild. mostly I enjoy watching my daughter Lily achieving and growing and seeing loved ones doing so well! And recently my cousin Nathan Bailey becoming an Olympian representing Team GB for trampolining has been a big highlight in the family in which I'm so proud of.

Lastly someone recently challenged me to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats'. (longest cycle ride in the uk).... or is it? I ended up saying "no I challenge you to do it"! I've cycled the length of France which is further took me 8 days. which brings me onto my new challenge.... cycle B2B2 and the clue is Bournemouth to Bournemouth.

Anyone thinking of taking on a charity event or a new adventure into the unknown in the year (little or large) I'm just a message or a call away for advice.

Much love to you all

Adventurer and Cycle B2B cyclist

James Heaton xxxxx

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