10th September 2013

Here we go just setting off from Port Olympic, Barcelona. 1150 miles ahead lies Bournemouth. See you at the finish line!

11th September 2013

Here we go Day 2 to Ax-les-Thermes another day of climbing ahead collecting some Col's!

12th September 2013

Just about to leave Ax-les-Thermes heading to Castres. Huge climb straight off then downhill most of the way! Not happy about the headwind though its going to emotional!


(Friday) 13th September 2013

Day 4 to a little place called Fumel. About 100 miles away. No mountains today which is a bonus! See you in a bit!

14th September 2013

"Day 5 - lovely misty and early morning... that cockerel is following us :(  Just a little ride today 100miles.  Just thought I would share a stat with you all. Paul's Garmin was showing just over 35,000 (yes) revolutions of the crank yesterday these guys are machines." - Andy Heaton

15th September 2013

Day 6 is Limoges to Chateauroux, over 100 miles.

"Good morning from Cycle B2B team on day 6. Day 5 in the bag, but cycling in torrential rain was a struggle. Well done to Ali and special thanks to Harry at la Ribiere sud camping for setting everything up before we arrived. I love this Abacus motorhome with central heating...." - Andy Heaton

16th September 2013

"It is raining again... but Cycle B2B carries on north! Day 7 to Chateaudun 120miles today lets get going!"Cycle B2B at Camping Les Pins

17th September 2013

"Day 8, here we go. Weather overcast, little rain expected and a southwesterly wind blowing which will help the lads today... Not far from the sea this evening. Have a great day from the team." - Andy Heaton

18th September 2013

Day 9 from Poses (Rouen) to Condette on on the French coast we will only be 40 miles from Calais by the end the day! Just over 100 miles to go until then!