Cycle B2B - Day 8- Paul and James Heaton leave the camp site to start their ride today

"We are halfway to our next night stop. Rouen is only 50 miles away. Had our first puncture today then couldn't inflate the new tube because we pinched it went putting it in, so we called on our support team! On the plus side the wind is now from the SW so the going is good!" - Cycle B2B

From the 2012 Tour De France. We didn't go down this road half as quickly!

Cycle B2B - Day 8 - Tour De France route

Day 8 in the bag, soaking wet... again. 108 miles of hard work today, fortunately the wind is assisting us slightly! Coq-Au-Vin for dinner... thanks Mum! — Cycle B2B at Lac de Poses