"We have arrived at Chambord for lunch. Bit of a strong headwind though. More carbs and protein needed...the boys are flying!" - Andy Heaton

Cycle B2B - Day 7 - Paul and James Heaton stop for a lunch break

 "Just stopped for a light lunch 80miles down, 40 to go!" Cycle B2B.

 Cycle B2B - Day 7 - Lunch time!

"That's my boys. After a day riding in torrential rain and a strong headwind awfully dirty roads and they still have energy to clean their bikes well done.....day 7 complete." - Andy Heaton

Cycle B2B - Day 7 - Paul and James Heaton clean their bikes after a hard days cycling in the rain

"Wow what a day, Autumn has arrived in Central France with a vengeance! Wet and windy for most of the day, fortunately the only hill was a bridge across the motorway! So we ignored the weather and battled it out all the way to Chateaudun covering 121 miles in 10 hrs, epic!" - Cycle B2B

"Long day today. One more day closer to home!!" - Alison Heaton

"Hi guys back home, thought id give you an update from France after a tough week of cycling. 7 days down out of 12, 5 to-go :) 700 miles covered and over 60 hours in the saddle, 14000 meters of climbing mountains and hills, clocking up speeds of 50mph at times going downhill on numerous occasion the other side (very thilling).

Yesterday was one of the toughest days of the trip knowing and having to cycle 110 miles for my little sister Jenni - 3 years ago to the day where she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, a very tough time for me the family and friends. Fighting through 50 miles of heavy rain at the beginning of the day was nothing compared to what Jenni has been through making her my inspiration coping with this since and again 14-15months ago. On I carried to end of the day 6 half way through!! Even setting a (PB of 100 miles in 7hours) to mark 3 years!! This day for done for you sis with the support from Paul, Mum, and Dad too. Love you sis and still prey everyday your still with us and you are doing amazingly well xxx

Can't wait to get to the finish line at Bournemouth peir on Saturday at 3pm. Just under 500 miles to go now and getting closer. Anyone is welcome to see us home, support has been wonderful and keeping me and bro going. Thank you, James x
ps follow us all the way home with updates on Facebook/cycleb2b and www.cycleb2b.org.uk
" - James Heaton

Day 7 overnight stop.